Our Approach

When you think about the people you work with, your vendors or suppliers do you see them as associates, partners or friends?

We want to have you think of us as friends.  We will do the same.  Perhaps even "best friends".  After all you can tell your best friends anything.  Things like, "that product is not going to work for your application".

Our Value

Everyone at IHS Depot has a unique skill set.  We come from a variety of business backgrounds and we respect the fact that we don't know everything about anything.  We want to learn, contribute and improve.

Our value to you is that through conversation we can solve, or at the very least reduce your stress, your costs and your need to continually train new suppliers.

Meet the Team

Our Team is growing.  Yes growing.  As we build our business we continue to add people and roles to meet the business need.  It comes down to ROI and quality of service.  It always does.

Keith Tennant

Keith Tennant

Regional Sales Manager 

Niagara Peninsula

Thirty years with Industrial Sales as a Solution and Value Presenter.

Keith has operated two successful businesses serving industry, municipal and hotel economic segments.  Professional training as a Fire Protection Technologist brings a unique perspective on health and safety.
Keith also has several interests outside of work, primarily in volunteering with not-for-profits and charities.  View his profile and connect with Keith on Linkedin.



Barb Corrin

Regional Sales Manager

South West Ontario

Barb will be leaving IHS Depot as of October 29th.  We do wish Barb success with all future endeavours and thank her for being a part of our team.  Barb has been a great encouragement to us.

Connect with Barb through her profile on Linkedin.



Salvatore Mannella

Provincial Sales Manager 

Electrical and Power Transmission 

Many years in a sales and advice role with electrical wholesale operations, in hotel engineering departments and construction allow Salvatore the experience and product knowledge to contribute value in every segment of your operation.  From plumbing to ventilation and lighting he has a skill set we value tremendously.  His particular strengths in electrical and power transmission allow IHS Depot to be unique among MRO and MROP vendors.


Questions or Concerns? ...

We would appreciate your feedback on anything you see on our website.  If you have any questions or concerns please connect with us in the Contact Us tab.

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