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Who is IHS Depot

IHS Depot is a Canadian owned and operated company located in Niagara Falls, Ontario.  We have sales and service capabilities in the Niagara Peninsula (Hamilton to Fort Erie) as well as South West Ontario (Hamilton to London).

We represent manufacturers in a broad spectrum of categories ranging from material handling products through housekeeping or facilities maintenance, health & safety, packaging, lighting, electrical and probably we could sum it up with - We have what you want.

Product / Service Categories


One of our Premium vendor lines.

You will love the quality and colour choices available for the various Material Handling carts and bins.  This company even has products ideally suited for Hazardous Waste and BioHazardous Waste.  Visit their website then give us a call for a quote.  One of our first sales was a ModRoto 72P.  We sold a truck load!